The Almanac Of Life

I wish to slip away all from my life, all that I have known of it. To hide, in the comfort of darkness.
It’s an inexplicable notion of solitude which pulls me into itself. I crave it.

To leave and depart, away from friends, family and mindless acquaintances. Live a life alone among strangers. Maybe in the echoing mountains. They aren’t too far from here.

Its sometimes gets too much, running the rat race, failing to even excel despite pushing myself to, incessantly We have stopped living for ourselves. Our lives have crumbled away, leaving a simple, meaningless existence.

I hate to put on different masks for different situations, places-school, home, road, friends. Every day. Every moment. Mentally taxing, emotionally draining events being repeated in a monotonous note.

We photograph not to capture memories, but to make our lives seem better than they are. We are making our lives shallow…

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