Why Did We Break Up?

Because we grew apart,
and we were going to different colleges.
You and I wanted different things in life,
so it wouldn’t have lasted anyways.

Because I wanted kids,
and you hated them.
There was no balance between work and play,
and money grew on trees for you.

Because we had nothing in common,
though we were too similar.
I couldn’t feel anything ,
while you felt everything.

Because I was fine with keeping it fun,
even though you wanted all of me.
You deserved someone who loved you,
and I wasn’t her.

Because I liked rules
until I met you.
We changed each other,
so we were strangers to ourselves.

Because we were going too fast
yet somehow in a stalemate.
So I wasn’t happy anymore,
but I didn’t know how to tell you.

Because I was just a heartbreak
who left you heartbroken.
I’m afraid to let anyone love me.
What if I’m never capable of love?


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