Metro Line

Take me back to the manifest memory in my mind. Can I rewind time for just a day? I want to step from the platform to the metro again, claim my seat like a grecian goddess for another odyssey. I want to feel the seat cradling me as the train car hums softy in my ears and rocks me gently from side to side. The tranquil, quiet, clicks from the tracks harmonize with the low, inaudible voices floating rhythmically through the air; I want to sit front row to that symphony. When I look up at the other passengers, I want to see their weary stares subservient to the world outside the jaded windows. Close your eyes, can’t you feel it too? Let’s pay homage to the everyman’s view, from a simple seat aboard the metro line. Poor some wine and raise a toast to the mundane but profound moments in our lives.


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